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About Us

About Us

Diesel Engines Experts; heavy trucks, industrial or agricultural equipment

Pro Action Diesel is a company founded in 1985. Some employees have been working faithfully since the very beginning! We are surrounded by specialists in all aspects of diesel engine repair in order to offer you a complete solution at a one-stop shop.

In 2015, a dynamic group of three entrepreneurs acquired Pro Action Diesel. It was at this point that the company diversified, modernized and started reaching new heights.

  •  Electronic issues
  •  Engine overhaul
  •  Overall Engine Repair
  •  Diesel Engines Tuning
  •  Performance Issues
  •  Control Module calibration
  •  Engine Block Machining

Why Choose Pro Action Diesel

Our Flexibility

On-site repairs of large construction or stationary equipment

Our Team

Technicians in continuous training

Our Warranty

Standard 12-month warranty

Our Equipment

Cutting-edge technology

Our Tools

Up-to-date tooling

Our Service

Offered within a reasonable timeline

Our Prices

Less expensive than a dealership with such competent technicians

Pro Action Diesel

The solution to your diesel engine problems